6 Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas - General Landscaping - (2023)

6 Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas - General Landscaping - (1)

Summer is right around the corner and with the hotter Upstate NY temperatures, it’ll be time to enjoy the pool! Above ground pools are a fantastic, more cost-efficient alternative to the traditional in-ground pool but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice anything when it comes to looks. In fact, coming up with unique above ground pool landscaping ideas can turn them from typical and boring to a show stopping centerpiece of your backyard.

Without further ado, let’s dive into 6 above ground landscaping ideas to transform your backyard space into the ultimate place to be this year!

You may think that because above ground pools are elevated instead of being flush with your landscaping that they have to stand out for the wrong reasons. That’s totally wrong! While a well-maintained above ground pool is a welcome backyard feature for Upstate NY homes during the summer months, there are plenty of ways to spruce up their looks with clever above ground pool landscaping ideas. In fact, your backyard design plans may leave you forgetting your pool is above ground at all!

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Some of our favorite above ground pool landscaping ideas to build the backyard oasis of your dreams are:

  • Retaining walls near above ground pools in steep backyards
  • Pops of color with plants and flowers
  • Visual levels with different sized plants
  • A new patio installation for your above ground pool
  • Hardscaping pathways for a polished look
  • Trees for privacy and additional shade

Retaining Walls for Above Ground Pools in Steep Backyards

No doubt one of the Upstate NY landscaping challenges some homeowners face is deciding what to do with a steep backyard hill. To us, this presents the perfect opportunity to kick off our list of above ground landscaping ideas! When you’re thinking of landscape design for backyard hill challenges, it’s important to take into consideration soil runoff, the grade of your hill, and how you’d like to use your backyard. If you’ve got an above ground pool, that hill can turn from your worst enemy to part of a landscaping showpiece with the right backyard makeover ideas.

Placing your above ground pool close to the base of the hill, consider elements like tiered landscaping, retainer walls, hardscaping opportunities to create stairways, and more that all highlight your pool! Landscaping ideas for steep backyard hills can give your space the professional, polished look you’ve always wanted.

Pops of Color for Your Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

What better way to enhance your above ground pool landscaping ideas this summer than with pops of color from flowers and plants. Following the right tips for planting a garden in Upstate NY, you can have colorful blooms that are bright and cheerful all season long. The trick is combining the right species to ensure you always have active blooms in each area of your landscaping.

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Pro Tip: Consult the USDA Hardiness Zone map to determine which plants will thrive best in your climate. Native and local species can cut down on the amount of maintenance your backyard requires, letting you spend more time enjoying it!

Creating Visual Landscaping Levels

Continuing on our list of above ground pool landscaping ideas, let’s talk about creating visual levels. While pops of color from plants and flowers can bring warmth, joy, and nice looks to your above ground pool landscaping ideas, creating visual levels elevated the aesthetic even further. This is often one of the most noticeable differences between professional landscaping services in Albany, Saratoga, Colonie, Schenectady, and the Capital Region compared to the downsides of DIY landscape design.

Adding layers of visual interest can be anything from mixing tall and short plants, shrubs, and flowers to accenting your above ground pool landscaping ideas with backyard water features. We also love using raised planters to create a backyard flower garden that accents the rest of your above ground pool landscaping ideas. The addition of visual layers gives your space a more professional, dynamic look that you’ll love.

Bonus Tip: NVS Waterscapes, a division of NVS Landscapes, will build you the water feature installation of your dreams. From garden ponds to backyard fountains, we’ll bring your vision to life and have you fall in love with your backyard all over again!

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Patios For Above Ground Pools

One of the larger challenges when it comes to above ground pool landscaping ideas is that they’re elevated off the ground. This often means many homeowners end up simply adding a ladder or other basic option for a way in and out of the pool. Instead of leaving your pool to be an island to itself, there are endless ideas for a patio installation that will blend your above ground pool right in!In fact, adding a surrounding patio or deck to above ground landscaping ideas may have you and your guests forgetting it’s not an in-ground pool aloghether.

The additional patio space is perfect if you’re looking for a backyard landscape design for summer entertaining, too. From outdoor fire pit ideas to beautiful planters or even a backyard water fountain, patio installations offer a wide variety of uses to give you the backyard of your dreams and top of your above ground pool landscaping ideas.

Hardscaping Pathways

Is your above ground pool a little bit away from the side of the house? That’s the perfect opportunity for the next item on our list of above ground pool landscaping ideas: using hardscaping for pathways. Whether it’s from your backdoor or the edge of that new patio installation you’ve added this year, hardscaping gives you the chance to create beautiful walkways to and from your above ground pool.

With a wide variety of pavers and stones available, landscaping professionals can give you the look you want whether it’s more traditional or very modern. Using hardscaping to create pathways also gives you the option to create additional seating areas next to your pool to really finish off the look of your above ground pool landscaping ideas.

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Trees for Shade and Privacy

Last, but not least, on our list of above ground pool landscaping ideas comes adding trees for shade and privacy. We all love enjoying the pool on hot summer days, but some of us burn a little more easily! Backyard trees make fantastic shade additions and are ideal landscape privacy ideas. Some of the best trees to plant in Upstate NY grow quickly and densely to provide a private, secluded feel. This way, you can enjoy your pool without worrying about the sun or your neighbors!

Tip: Don’t forget about landscaping around trees! Instead of leaving the base of your trees empty, use the opportunity to create beautiful designs and a polished look to your above ground landscaping ideas.

We hope this guide to above ground pool landscaping ideas has given you the inspiration you need to plan the ultimate backyard for your home this year. From retaining walls for steep backyards to patio installations to blend your pool in seamlessly, above ground pool landscaping ideas can truly transform the look of your space. Get started using the NVS Project Planner! Save your plans or submit them to us and one of our Capital Region landscaping professionals will be in touch to bring your ideas to life.

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