iOSGods App for iOS with biggest game hacks library (2023)

iOSGods App for iOS with biggest game hacks library (1)qbap | iOS Apps

iOSGods App for iOS with biggest game hacks library (2)

There are a lot of third-party App stores for iOS but the iOSGods App stands out with the possibility to download and install all kinds of popular game hacks for iOS. It offers also access to tweaked and ++ apps. What's more, all apps can be downloaded as an IPA file.

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Install iOSGods App for iOS

What is iOSGods App?

iOSGods App is a popular third-party App Store for iOS allowing you to install apps and games. This store offers alternative download links for official apps and, most importantly, access to tweaked versions of apps and hacked versions of iOS games. It supports iOS 12 up to iOS 15.

The App Store was created to provide non-jailbreak users an option to download and install free, hacked, tweaked, or cracked apps and games. iOSGods App offers a couple of options to install apps including the possibility to download apps straight on your iDevice.

iOSGods App for iOS offers access to game hacks and modifications. It means that when you will install a tweaked version of a game on your iPhone through the iOSGods App Store it will allow you to activate cheats and special features. These can include additional money and lives, unlock weapons, or infinite ammo, free upgrades, unlock items, and a lot more.

(Video) Download Any IPA Hacked Games Using iOSGods (App&Browser)

iOSGods App for iOS with biggest game hacks library (3)

If you are searching for the best source for the hacked game database for iOS definitely iOSGods is the place from where you can stop future research. iOSGods App is frequently updated providing access to the latest game hacks. What's more, iOSGods is probably the biggest game hack (tweaked app) library out there for all iOS devices.

You can download hacked games including Last Day on Earth Hack, Minecraft Hack, Grand Theft Auto Hack, Subway Surfers Hack, Among Us! Hack, Archero Hack, Plants vs Zombies 2 Hack, Asphalt 9 Hack, The Sims Mobile Hack, NBA 2k20 Hack, The Simpsons Hacks, and more.

For easier navigation, all hacked games are categorized into Games, Action, Strategy, Role-playing, Adventure, Simulation, Arcade, RacingSports, Puzzle, Cards, and Casino. There is also a built-in search engine that can find any iOS game hack you desire.

On top of that, you can also use the iOSGods App to install all kinds of apps. There are available tweaked versions of apps such as Instagram Rocket (disabling ads and adding new features to the stock app),unc0ver jailbreak, TikTok Modded, Cercube 5 for YouTube, Filza Escaped for iOS 15, and many others. The database is updated all the time adding new ++ apps.

iOSGods App for iOS with biggest game hacks library (4)

iOSGods App can be used on both jailed and jailbroken devices. If you didn't jailbreak your device it is possible to install the iOSGods Store with a web profile. Once completed you will be able to install tweaked apps and hacked games directly on your iDevice.

The Store offers a few options to install hacked games and tweaked apps on your iPhone. Available installation options include: Install via iOSGods App+, Sideloadly IPA Download, AltStore IPA Download, Download IPA for Impactor, and install the Apple Developer Program.

(Video) How to Use iGAMEGOD the Best ios Cheat Engine Alternative to Gamegem, igameguardian and DLG

On top of that, you can install multiple instances of an app or game. App Store allows you to install only one app per device. Using iOSGods App you can install two copies on one app and run on them different profiles. This can be useful when you won two profiles and the app can run only one. To run the "Custom Duplicate Install" it requires you to login into the iOSGods.

A great alternative for the iOSGods App is Panda Helper Lite. This free third-party App Store offers also access to game hacks and tweaked apps for iOS devices. What's more, Panda Helper Store comes also with an revoke-free app designed for jailbroken devices.

How to install iOSGods App

iOSGods App can be installed on your device using a web profile. It means that once installed, the Hacked Game App Store will work without revokes. Be aware that it doesn't mean that apps and games installed through the store will not get revoked by Apple.

  1. Tap on "Install iOSGods App" link available at top of this page.
  2. Allow installing the configuration profile on your device.
  3. Open the Settings app and access Profile Downloaded.
  4. Tap on the Install button of the iOSGods App profile.
  5. Once installed the iOSGods App will be available from the Home Screen.

Alternatively, you can run the app without installation directly in the Safari browser. The web version offers the same features available in the iOSGods App Store for Non-Jailbreak devices.

iOSGods App+

iOSGods App+ is a paid edition of the App Store offering additional features. The pricing for the app is ~$2/Month and it is purchasable annually which makes it $24.00/Year for one iDevice. You can still download IPA files of hacked games and apps and sign them manually for free.

The App Store is considered as a signing service and it can get revoked by Apple. Also, the paid version is not revoke-proof. The iOSGods App+ is a native app, which makes the general app speed and feels much faster and fluent, just like a real app.

So what can you expect from the premium iOSGods App+ service?

  • Fewer revoke, but in the end, it's all up to daddy Apple.
  • Free certificate revokes replacements.
  • Custom IPA Signing. You can sign your own IPAs and it's much easier.
  • Download the IPA using Safari.
  • Custom App Install. Customize your app before installing.
  • Custom App Signing. Sign IPAs found on the web.
  • iOSGods App+ uses different certificates and installation methods.
  • File Sharing allows you to place IPAs located on your PC into the iOSGods App+.
  • Partial notifications support.

iOS Game hacks

As mentioned already iOSGods App offers a huge collection of iOS game hacks. Because the apps and games installed through a certificate are often revoked by Apple I would recommend installing hacked game IPAs manually. This is how you can sideload IPA files on iOS 9 and above.

(Video) how to hack games on ios (using a cheat engine) NO JAILBREAK NO VERIFICATION

Download hacked games for iOS

  1. Install iOSGods App for iOS with your preferred method.
  2. Open iOSGods App from the Home Screen.
  3. Search for desired Game Hack for iOS.
  4. Tap on the GET button to view available download options.
  5. Instead of using the Install button tap the three dots.
  6. Tap on the Sideloadly .IPA Download.
  7. Click on the "Download IPA File for Sideloadly".
  8. Save the downloaded IPA file on your device.
  9. Send the downloaded game hack with AirDrop to your PC.

To download IPA files containing hacked games or tweakd apps from the iOSGods App it's required to create a free accont on the platform. The app will allow you to log in.

iOSGods App for iOS with biggest game hacks library (5)

Install hacked games for iOS

iOSGods Team is also the developer behind Sideloady, the IPA installation tool for macOS and Windows. The application allows you to sign and install any IPA file on your iDevice with a free certificate that will last at least 7-days without revokes. The process is simple.

Step 1. Open the Sideloadly application from the installation folder.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone with Sideloadly through a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

Step 3. Click on the IPA icon and from the Open dialog box select the IPA file.

(Video) The Best iosgods Alternative for Moding ios Applications | Install VIP Hacks No Problem

Step 4. Enter your Apple ID required to sign the IPA file.

Step 5. Click the Start button to install the IPA file on your iPhone.

Step 6. Provide the password for your Apple ID.

iOSGods App for iOS with biggest game hacks library (6)

Step 7. Open the Settings app from the home screen.

Step 8. Navigate to General VPN & Device Management.

Step 9. Click on the developer app with your e-mail.

Step 10. Tap on Trust to allow Instagram to run.

(Video) How to Get TWEAKED APPS on iOS 15.6 Easily! (NO JAILBREAK)

What's new

  • More and Enhanced Push Notifications.
  • Apps Watch list with notifications when they get updated.
  • Download and Install Apps directly from the web or via a URL.
  • User Interface improvements.
  • General app improvements.
  • Added Dark Mode for the app interface.
  • Better iPad Support.
  • Automatic and almost instant activations.

Latest Hacks for Games

  1. Wings of Heroes Hack
  2. Castlelands: RTS strategy game Hack
  3. Road Redemption Mobile Hack
  4. Royal Match Hack
  5. Star Blast Hack
  6. Love & Pies - Merge Game Hack
  7. Western Sniper: Wild West FPS Hack
  8. Soul Knight Hack
  9. NecroMerger - Idle Merge Game Hack
  10. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic Hack
  11. Sonic The Hedgehog Classic Hack
  12. Exoracer Hack
  13. Golf Battle Hack
  14. LegendArya - Survival Shooter Hack
  15. Alpaca Farm! Hack
  16. Dog Hotel Tycoon: Pet Game Hack
  17. Riddle Road Hack
  18. Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer Hack
  19. Merge Plants - Monster Defense Hack
  20. [ Danmachi JP ] ダンまち〜メモリア・フレーゼ〜 Hack

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What is better than iOSGods? ›

The best alternative is AltStore. It's not free, so if you're looking for a free alternative, you could try AppCake or AppValley. Other great apps like iOSGods! are TutuApp, iOS Haven, A2ZAPK and Topstore.

Where can I download modded iOS games? ›

TweakBox, being present on both iOS and Android, is one of the most popular platforms to download tweaked and modded applications on iPhone/iPad as well as Android smartphones.

Is iOS gods fixed? ›

We have mostly fixed the issue and downloading is working right now! And we are live! The best app for Tweaked & Hacked iOS/iPhone/iPad Apps & Games! No Computer, No Cydia & No Jailbreak Required!

Is there mod for iOS? ›

You actually can mod games on ios if you jailbreak your apple device like having in-app purchase or download third party store. You can download anything you want like modded clash royal and modded subway surfer. You can also download paid apps and mod them.

What replaced AppValley? ›

The next alternative to the AppValley app you should consider is the OpenAppMkt app. One of the things that make it stand out from the AppValley app is that it is a cross-platform alternative.

Can you jailbreak iPhone 11? ›

The good news is that you can use unc0ver to jailbreak your iPhone 11/12/13 without utilizing a computer. This works from iOS 11 to iOS 14.3, which means it won't work if you're on a version of iOS newer than 14.3 right now.

Is Tweakbox safe? ›

Tweakbox is a safe way of getting applications for your iOS or Android device. You can safely install Tweakbox and access premium content and third-party apps for free. Tweakbox developers prioritize security, making the platform harm free. Continuous updates also ensure that Tweakbox remains free of bugs and malware.

Is Tutuapp safe? ›

Is the Tutu app safe for iOS, or is it a malware file? No It is not safe, it is a spyware. The common issue now is the phone started to hang and work slow. Also, phones were getting dialled automatically in many cases.

Can I install APK on iPhone? ›

Installing APK files on your iPhone is impossible. That's because these files are designed to be run on Android devices. Android apps are compiled into the Dalvik executable file, which is present inside an APK package. As for iOS; it runs compiled files from IPA, usually coded with Xcode language.

How do I put mods on my iPhone? ›

  1. Open the App Store on iPhone and iPad, or the Google Play Store on Android.
  2. Tap the Search tab.
  3. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen.
  4. Type mcpe addons or terra mods into the search bar.
  5. Tap Search.
  6. Tap GET or Install next to "Addons for Minecraft" for a large selection of PE addons.
13 Sept 2022

Can you mod Stardew Valley on iOS? ›

How to mod Stardew Valley. It needs to be stated off the bat that mods only work on PC (Windows, Linux), macOS, and Android phones. So if you're on console (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) or iOS then you're out of luck, unfortunately.

Is AppCake trustworthy? ›

Is AppCake Safe? Yes, it is. The developers gained an excellent reputation with their app when it was a Cydia tweak and, now they have made it available to all; they want to keep their reputation. They regularly monitor AppCake, and any issues they find or that are reported to them are immediately fixed with an update.

Can you use Appdb for free? ›

appdb Rickpactor is a tool to install apps from appdb and your own apps from appdb's MyAppStore absolutely for free. Just like Cydia Impactor, but it's never gonna give your apps up and never gonna let them down.

How do I sideload apps on iOS? ›

How to sideload an app on iPhone
  1. Go to Settings > General > Developer Mode.
  2. Turn on the switch.
  3. Once Developer Mode is enabled, you can install software from sources other than the official App Store.
24 Jun 2022

Where can I get tweaked iOS apps? ›

AltStore: Alternative App Store for iOS

Among the best third-party tweaked app stores for iOS devices, AltStore works without jailbreak. This app store doesn't rely on developer certificates, which sets it apart from the other unofficial app installers, such as TutuApp and TweakBox. The app allows users to install .

What is the official AppValley? ›

AppValley is a mobile app installer which can also support iOS version that can be installed and downloaded on the mobile or the devices of the people who wish to get access to many different applications available.

How do I verify AppValley on my iPhone? ›

Launch AppValley from your homepage. Tap Apps on the Menu bar. Tap an app category.
This is because Apple cannot verify the developer or app source – you can:
  1. Delete AppValley and reinstall it.
  2. Open iOS Settings > General and go to Profiles.
  3. Tap the developer's name and tap Verify.
  4. Close Settings, the app should work again.
12 Mar 2021

How do I download Spotify Premium iOS? ›

Unfortunately, due to Apple restrictions, you can't subscribe to Premium through the app for iPhone and iPad. For some background on that, check out Instead, go to to pick your plan and upgrade to Premium.

What iOS Can I jailbreak? ›

Devices equipped with the A12 chip or newer (iPhone XR, XS/XS Max or newer) can jailbreak iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3 with Taurine and unc0ver. For older firmware versions, see below. The latest jailbreakable tvOS version for the Apple TV 4 (HD) is tvOS 14.

How much does it cost to jailbreak iPhone? ›

Does jailbreaking cost money? Jailbreaking your device is absolutely free and always will be free! Just like the app store, there are both free and paid apps available. Unlike the app store, however, many of the best apps have free trials!

Can you root an Apple phone? ›

The jailbreak of an iPhone

You can jail breaker your iPhone using a kernel personalized in order to give access to the root of the iOS system. Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can then download applications not offered by theApp Store, install new themes or install extensions not authorized by Apple.

What is Yulustore? ›

One of the legitimate apps for iOS and Android users is yulustore com. You can download and install any third-party that is referred to as modified apps, games, software, tweaks, and other software from yulustore for free.

Is tweakvip com safe? ›

Conclusion. This site Tweakvip com is safe to download Mod Apks and premium games for free, though you have to take their survey. But if you have any suspecting encounters with them drop them in the comment section below.

Is Pandahelper safe? ›

While Panda Helper is completely safe to install and use, as they are all third-party apps that you can install from it, there could be an issue of safety in installing them. Therefore, Panda Helper recommend you always scan the apps you download from Panda Helper with a trustworthy antivirus app.

Is HappyMod safe? ›

All Apps in the HappyMod are safe for your Android device to download. They have to pass a virus check before they are listed in HappyMod. HappyMod is a modded APKs store which comes with the plenty of the latest apps and games with super fast download speed.

Is Aptoide safe? ›

Yes, Aptoide is a completely safe app store.

Where can I get paid games for free? ›

Best sites to download paid android apps & games for free
  • Apkplaygame.
  • ApkWhale.
  • GBA Roms Android.
  • Apkecho.
  • 9Apps.
  • Android APK.
  • APK4Free.
  • Apk Pk.

What is the iOS version of APK? ›

They're called . ipa files on all iOS devices.

Does Aptoide work for iOS? ›

Aptoide has become increasingly popular recently. You can use it to download and install a wide variety of mobile applications for your Android or iOS devices.

How can I get Android games on iOS? ›

How to play Android Games on iPhone - YouTube

How do you get Happymod on iOS? ›

How to Download HappyMod on iOS/iPhone/iPad - YouTube

How do you install a mod? ›

  1. Make sure your Minecraft client is closed.
  2. Press the Windows Key (Start)
  3. Type in %appdata% and press enter.
  4. Open the . minecraft folder and then enter the mods folder.
  5. From here, just drag in the mods that you wish to add.
  6. Open Minecraft again and click Play, and the mods should now be loaded.
23 Mar 2022

How do you install bedrock mods? ›

How To Install Mods on Minecraft Bedrock Edition (2022) - YouTube

Does Smapi work on Iphone? ›

But SMAPI is only fully supported on Windows, macOS and Linux and partially supported on Android.

Is 1.5 Stardew coming to mobile? ›

Stardew Valley's major content update 1.5 is still coming to Android and iOS devices, but its release date could be quite a while away. Laid-back farming simulator Stardew Valley has made its way to a surprisingly high number of platforms since its initial Steam-focused release in 2016.

How do you install Stardew mods on mobile? ›

Install a mod
  1. Open SMAPI.
  2. Open the Help tab.
  3. Tap the Nexus button. ...
  4. Find the mod you wish to download and tap MANUAL DOWNLOAD. ...
  5. Move the downloaded mod to your newly created Mods Folder (in Internal Storage/Stardew Valley/Mods).
  6. Extract the zipped mod into the Mods folder.
  7. Restart SMAPI.
25 Sept 2022

How do I download an IPA file to my iPhone? ›

How Users Install the . IPA File Onto Their iPhone
  1. Step 1: Have Them Download the .IPA File. ...
  2. Step 2: Have Them Open iTunes. ...
  3. Step 3: Have Them Plug-in the Phone They Want to Install the App Onto. ...
  4. Step 4: Have Them Drag and Drop the .IPA File Onto Their iPhone's Listing In iTunes.

How do I open an IPA file on my iPhone? ›

iTunes application is used to install IPA files on iOS devices using the app store. First, you need to plug your iOS device (iPad/iPhone) into your laptop. Second, go to iTunes and locate your iOS device in the section Devices of the program's side menu. Drag your Open IPAss into the iTunes device list.

How do I install an IPA file on my iPad? ›

Then, launch it and connect your iDevice to the computer using a cable and then, click on “Apps” icon as shown below.
  1. Go to Device Manager and Click App Category. ...
  2. Click Add Button and Install it to iPhone. ...
  3. Install and Launch Cydia Impactor on Computer. ...
  4. Enter your Apple ID and Password.
19 Jan 2022

How do I download TweakBox on my iPhone? ›

How to Install TweakBox
  1. Open Safari browser and then open the linked TweakBox download page.
  2. Choose one of the configuration profile links and tap it.
  3. Tap on Allow on the popup confirmation message.
  4. Tap Install, and your iOS Settings App opens.
  5. Tap on Install and, when asked, input your device passcode.
12 Mar 2021

How do I install an APK file on my iPhone? ›

Installing APK files on your iPhone is impossible. That's because these files are designed to be run on Android devices. Android apps are compiled into the Dalvik executable file, which is present inside an APK package. As for iOS; it runs compiled files from IPA, usually coded with Xcode language.

Can you convert APK to IPA? ›

Android apk can't be converted to iOS ipa. Only possibility is either you devlop cross platform(xamrin/react native/ionic/flutter) app project which can share common code and some android/ios platform specific code.

How do I install 3rd party apps on iPhone? ›

The process is quite simple.
  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer (USD connection) via a data cable.
  2. Start iTunes application on your computer.
  3. Choose your iPhone model from the list of devices.
  4. Click the Apps tab in iTunes.
  5. Mark the applications you did like to transfer to your iPhone. ...
  6. Click Sync.

Can APK files run on iPhone? ›

An APK file is what is used by the Android operating system. They are not compatible with iOS. You can only install Apps "purchased" from the Apple App Store.

Is IPA safe for iOS? ›

Is it OK to use a disinfectant on my iPhone? Using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe, 75 percent ethyl alcohol wipe, or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, you may gently wipe the exterior surfaces of your iPhone. Don't use products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

What does IPA stand for iOS? ›

An IPA (iOS App Store package) is an application archive file that contains an iOS app. In simple words, it is a file that can be installed on iOS devices and used as an application.

Can I install cracked apps on iPad? ›

Yes, you can install cracked apps on your iPad. However, doing so may void your warranty and could put your device at risk for malware or other security vulnerabilities. You can get an iOS device IPA file by using a third-party tool called Cydia Impactor.

How do I sideload apps on iOS? ›

How to sideload an app on iPhone
  1. Go to Settings > General > Developer Mode.
  2. Turn on the switch.
  3. Once Developer Mode is enabled, you can install software from sources other than the official App Store.
24 Jun 2022

Where can I download IPA files? ›

You can head to The IPA Software Archive and download your desired . ipa file.
  • Videos - Youtube.
  • Games - Legal Downloads - Steam/ Epic.
  • Movies/ TV Series - Legal Downloads - Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, HBO Max.
  • Movies/ Games/ Books/ Software and anything else - Torrents (1337x, TPB, Rarbg)

Does TweakBox Still Work 2022? ›

Well, TweakBox has served as a very consistent third-party app store. Along with such contents, these third-party app installers also provide access to premium content for free. But since the TweakBox certificate has been declined by Apple, it is not in work presently.

Does TweakBox work on iOS? ›

TweakBox app is an unofficial appstore that offers 3rd-party apps and tweaks for iPhone and iPad.

Is tweakvip com safe? ›

Conclusion. This site Tweakvip com is safe to download Mod Apks and premium games for free, though you have to take their survey. But if you have any suspecting encounters with them drop them in the comment section below.


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